Svzoral F10 Capsule

Capsules containing Svzoral F10 contain two medicines that help prevent migraines. There is no use for this medicine in treating acute migraine attacks.

You should take Svzoral-F10 Capsules on an empty stomach, preferably at night, at the same time every day. You should take it based on what you are taking it for and how often you are taking it. The amount of improvement you need will be determined by your doctor. Take this medication for as long as prescribed. Changing your lifestyle, such as avoiding stress, smoking, and processed foods, may help this medication work better.

Uses Of Svzoral F10 nm, ̣ Capsule

1. Prevention of Migraine.

How To Use Svzoral F Capsule

Your doctor will advise you on the dosage and duration of this medicine. Empty stomach is required when taking the Svzoral-F10 Capsule.

How Svzoral F Capsule Works

As a combination of Propranolol and Flunarizine, Svzoral-F10 Capsule acts as a migraine preventative. The drugs Propranolol and Flunarizine block calcium channel activity. Their function is to stabilize the reactive nerve cells and to increase the threshold for migraine onset. Further, they inhibit cortical spreading depression (CSD), which causes pain and inflammation in the brain.